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区分 教員
学部・大学院 医学部
所属 一般教育研究室
職名 准教授(講座内)
氏名 マーセラス ニーリー(マーセラス ニーリー)
メールアドレス marcellus@juntendo.ac.jp
研究分野 Adult Education, Applied Linguistics, English Literature
研究分野を表すキーワード education, TESOL, English, theory, medical, social cognitive theory, constructivism, creativity, education psychology
出身学校、専攻等 John Carroll University, English Literature 1992年
出身大学院、研究科等 Linköping University, Adult Education 2013年
取得学位 Masters of Arts 2013年

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2022 (In Print) Nealy, M., Bailey, B. Umoja: Anthology of Black Literature and Art, Tokyo Poetry Journal

2019, Agawa, T., Nealy M. Preparing EFL Medical Undergraduates for Future Studies and Practices : The Establishment and Implementation of a Medical Word List
studies in language education, 11 85-119

2019, Nealy, M. Using MALL to overcome learner’s perceived barriers to pronunciation training
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2016, SIP (Simplicity, Imagination and Physicality): A Teaching Approach for Improving Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes in the Pronunciation Classroom, Second 21CAF Conference Proceedings,University of California, Berkeley, 10(1), ISSN: 2330-1236

2013, Nealy, M. The Impact of Collectivist Self-Identity, Collectivist Social-Identity on Creative Self-Identity and Creative Self-Efficacy from a Japanese Context: Implications on Creativity Education (Dissertation). Linköping University, Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkive

2021, Namiki, Y., Nealy, M. Care Translates: Designing a Multicultural Communication Course for Medical Professionals, 55th RELC International Conference: Sustainable Language Education: Standards, Strategies and Systems

2020, Nealy, M. Benefits and Deficits of Online Learning in the English Language Classroom,The 4th CEGLOC Conference Language Education in 2020: Emergency Remote Teaching and Blended Learning

2019 Nealy, M., Asano, K. Learning outcomes from working with international simulated patients at a Japanese medical school, CEMS Taiwan 2019

2018, Nealy, M. Effects of non-Japanese simulated patients on medical English classrooms 2018 JALT College and University Educators (CUE) SIG Conference, JALT

2018, Nealy M. Overcoming barriers to pronunciation training, 2018 JALT College and University Educators (CUE) SIG Conference,JALT

2017, Nealy, M. Using SOMONA to overcome student perceived barriers to learning American English pronunciation, TechLing'17, Italy

2016, Ogawa, T., Nealy, M. Developing and implementing Terminology Lists,42nd Annual International Conference on Language Teaching and Learning & Educational Materials Exhibition

2016, Nealy. M. The Impact of Collectivism on Creative Self-Efficacy in Japanese Learners,Second 21st Century Academic Forum Conference at Berkeley

2016, Nealy, M. SIP (Simplicity, Imagination and Physicality): A Teaching Approach for Improving Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes in the Pronunciation Classroom,ISAPh 2016 International Symposium on Applied Phonetics
所属学会 Japan Association of Language Teachers
The Japan Society for Medical Education
取得資格(認定、専門医等) Certified Administrator for Torrance Test of Creative Thinking 2018
更新日 2023-09-01

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