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研究テーマ 骨格筋の形態過程が幼児の身体活動や運動能力に影響を与える
研究業績(論文) Pengyu Deng, Hayao Ozaki, Toshiharu Natsume, Dandan Ke, Dajiang Lu, Koya Suzuki and Hisashi Naito. Associations of Morphological changes in Skeletal Muscles of Preschool Children in China following Physical Activity. Children (Basel). 2023 Sep 11, 10 (9).査読有
Yibo Gao, Xiang Pan, Huan Wang, Dongming Wu, Pengyu Deng, Lupei Jiang, Aoyu Zhang, Jin He and Yanfeng Zhang. Association between Soccer Participation and Liking or Being Proficient in It: A Survey Study of 38,258 Children and Adolescents in China. Children (Basel). 2023 Mar 16, 10 (3). 査読有
Pengyu Deng, Hayao Ozaki, Toshiharu Natsume, Yoshihiko Ishihara, Dandan Ke, Koya Suzuki and Hisashi Naito. Relationship between Skeletal Muscle Thickness and Physical Activity in 4- to 6-Year-Olds in Japan. Children (Basel). 2023 Feb 25; 10 (3). 査読有
Xiang Pan, Yibo Gao, Lupei Jiu, Pengyu Deng, Jin He, Tian Xia, Aoyu Zhang and Yanfeng Zhang. Study on the Status of Scientific Fitness Literacy of Rural Left-Behind Minors and the Influence of Family Environment. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2022 Dec; 20(1): 249. 査読有
Xiang Pang., Huan Wang, Dongming Wu, Xinhua Liu, Pengyu Deng and Yanfeng Zhang. Influence of Family Environment on the Scientific Fitness Literacy of Preschool and School Children in China: A National Cross-Sectional Study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2022 Jul; 19(14). 査読有
Yoshihiko Ishihara, Hayao Ozaki, Takashi Nakagata, Toshinori Yoshihara, Toshiharu Natsume, Tomoharu Kitada, Masayoshi Ishibashi, Pengyu Deng, Yasuyuki Yamada, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Shuichi Machida and Hisashi Naito. Association between Daily Physical Activity and Locomotive Syndrome in Community-Dwelling Japanese Older Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2022 Jul; 19(13): 8164. 査読有
Takashi Abe., Hayao Ozaki., Jeremy P.Loenneke., Toshiharu Natsume., Pengyu Deng and Hisashi Naito. A longitudinal study of handgrip strength asymmetry. American Journal of Human Biology. 2022. Jan; 34e. 査読有
Natsume T, Ozaki H, Nakagata T, Yoshihara T, Kitada T, Ishihara Y, Deng PY, Osawa T, Sawada S,Kobayashi H,Machida Sand Naito H. Site-Specific Muscle Loss in the Abdomen and Anterior Thigh in Elderly Males with Locomotive Syndrome. J Spor Scie Med 20, 635-641, 2021. 査読有
鈴木宏哉, 福田優子, 相良早苗, 瀬尾加奈子, 拓植今日子, 鄧鵬宇, 奥田泰之, 内藤久士. コロナ禍における幼児の身体活動へのアプローチ. 子どもと発育発達. Vol19, No.1;42-47. 2021. 査読有
Sawada S, Ozaki H, Natsume T, Nakano D, Deng PY, Yoshihara T, Osawa T, Kobayashi H, Machida S and Naito H. Serum albumin levels as a predictive biomarker for low-load resistance training programs’ effects on muscle thickness in the community-dwelling elderly Japanese population: interventional study result. BMC Geriatrice, 21:464-473. 2021.査読有
Sawada S, Ozaki H, Natsume T, Deng PY, Yoshihara T, Nakagata T, Osawa T, Ishihara Y, Kitada T, Kimura K, Sato N, Machida S and Naito H. The 30-s chair stand test can be a useful tool for screening sarcopenia in elderly Japanese participants. BMC Geriatrice. 22:639-645. 2021. 査読有
Zhang YF, Naito H, Sen L, Wu DM, Deng PY. Constructing a social ecological structure model and measurement model in scientific fitness literacy for children and adolescents. China Sport Science 6:138-145. 2021. 査読有
柿木亮, 長登健, 鄧鵬宇, 岡原友紀. 加速度計を用いた体育模擬授業時の学習場面の分析. 城西国際大学記要 第28巻 第1号 13-25. 2020. 査読有
Zhang YF, Li S, Naito H, Wu DM, Wang JJ, Deng PY. Analysis of the influencing factors of Chinese children and adolescents’ scientific fitness literacy. J Sports Med Phys Fit. 60(12):1604-1606. 2020. 査読有
Ozaki H, Abe T, Dankei S J, Loenneke J P, Natsume T, Deng PY, Naito H. The measurement of strength in children: is the peak value truly maximal?. Children. 8(1):9. 2020. 査読有
Ozaki H, Sawada S, Osawa T, Natsume T, Yoshihara T, Deng PY, Machida S, Naito H. Muscle size and strength of the lower body in supervised and in combined supervised and unsupervised low-load resistance training. J Sports Sci Med. 19: 721-726. 2020. 査読有
沢田秀司, 尾崎隼朗, 棗寿喜, 鄧鵬宇, 吉原利典, 大澤拓也, 町田修一, 内藤久士. 血清アルブミンレベルは自体重レジスタンストレーニングの筋肥大効果に影響を及ぼす. 日本老年医学会雑誌. 57: 66. 2020. 査読有
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鈴木宏哉, 鄧鵬宇, 内藤久士. 日本と中国の公的調査を例にNational Fitness Surveyの国際化を考える. 日本体育学会大会. 46:1−46. 2018.査読有
Deng PY, Ichinoseki-Sekine N, Liangfu Z, Naito H. Changes in physical activity and weight status of Chinese children: A retrospective longitudinal study. J Phys Fitness Sports Med, 5(3): 247-256. 2018. 査読有
Yohishara T, Ozaki H, Nakagata T, Natsume T, Kitada T, Ishihara Y, Deng PY, Osawa T, Ishibashi M, Ishijima M, Kobayashi H, Machida S, Naito H. Effects of a progressive walking program for improving locomotive syndrome in elderly Japanese people: A single-arm intervention. J Phys Ther Sci. 30: 1180-1186. 2018. 査読有
Deng PY, Ishihara, Y, Naito H. Physical activity of adolescents in a medium-sized city in China. Juntendo Medical Journal. Vol. 62 Suppl 1: 109-114. 2017. 査読有

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